John “Jean Lephare” Fitch and Daryl “Dee Low Diamond Man” Harleaux, together known as Monsta Beatz, grew up together in 7th ward New Orleans.  Though the two went different paths coming up they had a common bond in music, John coming from a musical family and Daryl always wanting to entertain.  When John was 13 years old he left for New York City and joined a boy band called Imajin. In 1998, they released their first album titled Imajin with the hit single “Shorty you keep playing with my mind” featuring Keith Murray. Already playing the piano, John learned the bass guitar, and how to make tracks and program.  John would visit home often and would always get with Dee Low to make music.  Dee Low, a self- taught music producer and rapper, grew up with an ear for music listening to local artists from Cash Money and No Limit Records as well the greats such as Michael Jackson. He describes them coming up with the Monsta Beatz sound in his cousin JDolla Kitchen. As they were “cooking” in the kitchen, a sound like no other was born. They were able to create music that infused John’s R&B soul with Dee Low’s Hip Hop background. They integrated spacey, hard beats with R&B melodies making the music versatile, and intriguing.  Their unique sound caught attention from Rapper Curren$y, and they produced his first digital album “This Ain’t No Mixtape” 2008 and later under the Warner Bros. Label “Weekend At Bernie’s”.   They produced “First 28” with Styles P and Curren$y which made the top 50 best mix tapes of 2012. Other projects include Wiz Khalifa’s album “Friendly” his first album before the Atlantic deal and they are currently working with him on the #2009 project with him and curren$y the follow up project to the critically acclaimed "how fly mixtape"  Other projects to their credit is Lil Wayne’s  "Vizine", they’ve  Also worked with artists such a Takeoff 1/3 of the Migos on hit single "last memory" off his first solo album The Last Rocket. Other acts include Bun B, Trinidad James, Young Chris, Amanda Diva, Cool Kids and many more. As a group, Monsta Beatz produced their own Compilation Cd “Monstas on Mars” which featured local New Orleans artists. They have produced several mixtapes for Deelow including “I’m Out This World”, “The Gallery”, “Vic Damon Jr.”, “Dee Low Quagmire”, MollyGras, and Shine, they are currently working on “Prism” mixtape set to be released September 2014.  Monsta Beatz has received accolades for their production by winning the NOLA Hip Hop Award for Best Producer in 2012.  They have been featured in several publications such as Complex Magazine and Offbeat Magazine.  Their YouTube Channel has received over 550,000 views. Monstabeatz continues to produce music in New Orleans. Their goal is to expand their brand through artist development and continue making hit albums.